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What's Next?......

I’m out of pain………what’s next???

Physical Therapy has traditionally been used to treat an injury and the coinciding pain. Once we are able to get the pain to subside, we regularly get the question “So now what?”. What a great question! For a lot of people, they have not had the chance to really think past what they want to do once their pain is gone. They have only been focused on how to get rid of the pain so they can get back to whatever they were doing before: playing golf, exercising, CrossFit, playing tennis, lifting grand kids, the list is endless.

“My pain is gone, does that mean the problem is fixed?”

This is where a lot of people end their rehab and fitness journey. Pain is gone, I am good to go back to whatever it was I was doing before I had pain. This is not their fault; insurance companies have explicitly stated that when pain is gone the patient needs to be discontinued from therapy or my favorite “max benefit has been achieved for physical therapy”.

In our professional opinion, “max benefit” is simply just the lack of pain every day. The human body is an ever evolving and changing tool that thrives on movement.

Lack of pain does not mean that everything is working as strongly, efficiently, or as powerfully as it could be working. It simply means that for that moment, everything is just “ok”. It simply means we were able to settle the inflammatory response that was happening at that specific area. If you have worked with us, you know that 99% of the time the injury and pain happened because something else was not working. Are we just supposed to ignore that?

We average pain decrease with our clients in 2-4 visits. Once pain is under control, we focus on rebuilding and we go to work on the problems that are happening behind the scenes. The next step in your recovery is our continuity program. This program consists of regularly scheduled visits with your Doctor of Physical Therapy to ensure your body is working to its fullest potential while using us as your accountability partner.

We built our livelihood this way because it is the best way to help our community. We want people to feel strong and confident in themselves and their body’s ability to handle the varying triggers of everyday life.

Simply decreasing or getting rid of pain is just the beginning.

-Danny Laughlin PT, DPT

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