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ACL Rehabilitation

Get Back To Your Best with ACL Physical Therapy in Overland Park

Recover stronger and faster with our specialized ACL rehabilitation program. Our dedicated team provides personalized treatment plans designed to restore your strength, stability, and confidence, helping you return to the activities you love with lasting results.

Why do I treat ACL’s?

I love working with this population for a variety of reasons. Growing up as a multisport gal, I can empathize with the vast spectrum of injuries, competition, drive and passion for sport. I can also attest to the lack of focus on strength and conditioning for female athletes and the specific differences that come with training a female versus a male. Once upon a time I was a high school girl who thought my parents didn’t know what they were talking about when it came to my sport, training and fueling and I assumed my coaches/trainers always had my best interest at heart. Fast forward, I have learned a lot and am constantly trying to learn more about the world of human body biomechanics and apply them to the world of female sports.

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Kenzie Danner PT, DPT, CSMT, SFMA, Certified Sportsmetrics, Certified Functional Dry Needling L1

Vital Components of Laughlin ACL Lab: #1

Individualistic Approach:

No ACL patient is the same and therefore, the rehab should not be cookie cutter. If there was meniscal tear, MCL tear, bone bruise, if this injury was a re-tear, etc. all of these things matter and are taken into account for the individual’s rehab. We always have a holistic approach to this rehab because little things like a previous ankle sprain or muscle tear, a multisport athlete, a year-round athlete, etc. can and do affect the individual’s rehab.

Vital Components of Laughlin ACL Lab: #2

Attention to Detail:

Perfection in movement is impossible but we strive to get our athletes moving the best they possibly can from the very beginning of rehab to the very end. This includes potential movement dysfunction that may have led to the injury in the first place. These athletes and this rehab deserve the upmost attention to detail and that is why they will always have the full 100% attention of their therapist on them and only them during their session.

Vital Components of Laughlin ACL Lab: #3 

Return to Sport Criteria:

Returning to sport should be a much more deliberate process than simply hitting a timeframe. While a week or month mark is indicative of graft healing, an individual’s readiness for sport or the next phase of rehab is also heavily dependent on other aspects. Their movement patterns, limb symmetry, deceleration and loading capabilities must be taken into account as well as their mental readiness. Specific exercises and drills are planned into the late stage of rehab in addition to strategic participation in practices in order for the athlete to safely return to sport.

Big Kick

Laughlin PT has helped me in more ways than can be put into words. 2 years ago I tore my ACL. It was an unimaginable thing for me but having Laughlin to support me and rehab me was the best thing that could’ve happened. Every single physical therapist in the office was behind me, cheering me on at my milestones, and pushing me past what I thought I was capable of to be able to return to playing soccer. Kenzie specifically was my rock throughout this whole process. Not only was she there for my knee but she was there for me. She became my family and mentor throughout my rehab and I cannot thank her enough. She never quit on me and always pushed me to do my best with new, fun workouts. I owe Laughlin a lot for their support and I don’t know where I’d be without them.


Football Fans

My daughter tore her ACL at the end of her club soccer season. Finding Laughlin was the best thing to happen during a very hard time. The knowledge and dedication of the staff is unparalleled. They don’t just go through the motions for return to sport, they educate patients on the importance of putting in the work. The importance of strength training and the things an athlete needs to do everyday to help prevent another injury. The best piece of advice I was given when my daughter got injured was find a good PT. You spend so much time with them they will become like family. This is always the piece of advice I pass on to other parents of children with ACL injuries, right after I recommended they call Laughlin. Laughlin and Kenzie are family. Every therapist in the office knew my daughter, encouraged her and cheered her on. Her victories were their victories. We still continue therapy at Laughlin with monthly checkins a year after her release back to sport.


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