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Nutrition can be flexible!

With the holidays in full swing, we all have a lot of obligations, events, parties and get togethers. Trying to stay healthy and pay attention to what you are eating is very difficult. There are not always great options available at events and there can be a lot of social pressures. Nutrition can be flexible! You can have your pie and the fixings if you plan ahead and eat appropriate portions. Using "hand sized portions" can be a useful way to estimate your macro serving sizes as well as what you eating.

Below is a list of the serving sizes of each macronutrient based on your hand size.

Protein: 1 servings = your palm

Vegetables: 1 serving = your closed fist

Carbs: 1 serving = 1 cupped handful

Fats: 1 serving = your thumb

Another good way to prevent the post-holiday meal misery and regret is to stop when you think you are 80% full. Then wait about 15 minutes before you determine if you want more. You can also use the 15 minute wait to determine if you want the desert or other snacks. When you see or think of something you want, wait 15 minutes, if you still are thinking about it...go for it!

You can not ruin a nutritional plan with 1 or 2 meals, you will feel different but all the work is not ruined. You just need to adjust a little and get back on your good healthy habits, then everything will return to normal without too much struggle. Enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful holiday season!

-Greg Hollenbeck PT, DPT, OCS, SFMA, CF-L1,

certified Sportsmetrics, Certified Functional

Dry Needling L2, PN1-NC

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