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“Compounding Interest” and Why It Is Relative To Your Health.

One of the most basic and commonly understood terms in business is “compounding interest”. It plays a major role in investing and planning for one’s future. If you’ve ever met with a financial advisor or really anyone in the world of business, they will tell you that in order to benefit from compounding interest, you need to begin putting money towards it right away.

So why are we even talking about this? Trust me, I am not claiming to understand investing beyond what you can google. This tactic used by investment groups and future planning companies is helpful for financial health, but can we apply it to your physical health?

Ummmm, yes! In fact, that is exactly what we preach on a daily basis. Think about it. When you come see us, generally you will get exercises, tools, tactics to better take care of yourself and eliminate pain. A little bit of care to your body each day builds over time. Little by little, you begin to heal and feel better, stronger, more confident. Months go by and now you are able to do significantly more than you were doing before starting all those exercises.

Imagine if we were able to compound this care over years??!!! Taking care of yourself on a daily basis sets you up for success long term. There are absolutely some short-term gains and changes that happen but the real $$$$ is in the long game.

The same can be said for neglecting yourself and waiting until things are looking pretty rough. You don’t invest heavily in your 401k at 70 years old because there is not much gains to be made at that point. So why would you wait to invest in yourself?

Start easy. Make 1 good choice each day. Eat something healthy, go for a walk, spend time outside, get 8 hours of sleep, there are so many things you can do to get started. And remember, you are building yourself up for the down the road. Your future self will thank you 😊

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