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Here are several options for you to continue to progress in your rehab and to even take your training to another level with our Remote and At-Home Programs.


Telehealth Virtual Rehab Visits

  • 1-1 Virtual session with your Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • 30 minute sessions to evaluate your injury/pain, develop plan of care, discuss progress, concerns, or changes in condition, and to check home program

  • Written instructions and Home Exercise Program emailed following your 1-1 session

  • Individualized Home Program based on what the Doctor of Physical Therapy determines is the best course of action for you from your visit

  • Bi-weekly and/or Weekly appointments to track progress, progress exercises, and to adjust your program to ensure continued improvement while at home.

4-Weeks Digital Rehab Programs

  • Shoulder Pain 4 weeks

  • Low Back Pain 4 weeks

  • Neck Pain 4 weeks

  • Knee Pain 4 weeks

These programs are built for the individual wanting to perform their rehab from home at their convenience.  Each program is equipped with:


  • Pre-Testing Objective Measures to track progress between sessions

  • Access and Communication with your PT through the TrueCoach App for questions

  • 5-6 days/week of At-Home Rehab with minimal equipment required (only need a dumbbell, foam roller, band, and a floor)

  • Progressive 4-week Program with new exercises and stretches added weekly as you are improving mobility, stability, and strength while decreasing pain


CrossFit At-Home Accessory Program

Golf Ready in 4-Weeks

At-Home Body Weight Workouts

Most CrossFit boxes are programming home WODs, but the accessory work may not be included.  Now is a great time to focus on accessory work to address some of the common mobility and stability deficits to help you start crushing WODs and lifting heavier weights!!

  • 4-week Program, 4 days/week

  • Progressive mobility and stability exercises to improve body position/mechanics in all lifts and gymnastic movements

  • Designed to improve your squat and deadlift mechanics

  • Focus on improving overhead and hip hinging positions

  • 30 minutes or less

Our golf program is built by TPI-L2 Fitness instructor who has been teaching group classes and building individual programs for the last 8 years.  He has taken his best exercises for mobility, strength, flexibility, and power and put them into a 4-week program to make you a more efficient golfer.  Excelling at golf requires a lot of work, hardware, and practice.  Don’t let physical limitations be the deciding factor for how well you can play.

  • 4-week Program

  • 3 workouts/week (30 minutes per day)

  • Progressive program focusing on mobility, strength, and power development

  • Improved endurance to play pain-free

  • Improved overall fitness and health

4-week transitional “From Rehab to Fitness Program”

  • People ask us all the time how they can safely get into fitness or return to activity after coming off an injury.  We built this program to allow people to feel safe and comfortable moving from Rehab to Fitness.  This 4-week program eases you into fitness using only your body weight.  No additional equipment needed.  This is a great option for our traveling clientele as well.

4-week Tabata-Style Workout Program

  • Tabata workouts are 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest in 4 – 8min circuits.  Great for building a fitness base or challenging your current level of fitness! 

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