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Please join the RunFIT team for a cross-training fitness program tailor-made for runners to optimize running efficiency and overall physical performance.  RunFIT is designed to reduce the risk of common running injuries in order to keep you running faster and longer. We are offering a "pay per class" rate for $35 or a discounted "buy 5 classes" for $100!  

Starting October 10th, we're excited to announce RunFIT will be offered on a weekly basis with class being held every Tuesday evening from 6:15pm - 7:15pm.

Goals for the Program:

  • Improve Overall Running Efficiency

  • Address common strength/stability/mobility/MC deficits in runners

  • Improve/Address common Running Form Faults

  • Teach proper landing and jumping mechanics tailored specifically for runners

  • Teach proper neurodynamic warm-up and recovery cool down

  • Injury prevention and accelerate performance in races and competitions of all distances. 

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