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Movement Analysis

Do you think you move well overall? Or do you know you have some limitations but are not sure what to do about them?

We are now offering individualized movement analysis using advanced video motion capture technology. This is a non-invasive, scientifically valid way to assess movement quality and help with a wide array of problems. It uses both video and infrared technology from a single camera to capture a three-dimensional tracking of nearly any camera-facing movement.

We offer a quick 15-minute injury risk and overall movement quality analysis that is accurate, objective, and informative.

We also offer our functional video analysis that will track you through nearly any motion and allow objective analysis beyond what you can see on any regular video. It gives us a frontal view of any imbalances and a unique bird’s eye view that cannot be achieved any other way. These 45-minute analysis sessions include analysis of the motion of your choice as well as feedback and corrective exercises to help you improve.

Both options are extremely valuable to anybody who wants to stay healthy, move well, prevent injury, or improve performance. Over time, we can track changes objectively to measure and see the improvements that you feel.

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