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Get a Grip!

More studies continue to be conducted and published exploring the importance of grip strength in older adults. Research has indicated grip strength is not only associated with physical health but also mental health. In a study of over 100,000 adults, having a stronger grip was linked with a lower risk of depression. Potential reasons for the association have to do with the neurotrophins created and released by skeletal muscle during exercise. Neurotrophins are proteins responsible for development and function of nerve tissue. These neurotrophins aid in boosting our mood and immune system. Therefore, physical well-being may lead or contribute to psychological well-being.

It is nothing new to make the statement exercise helps physical and mental health but now there is growing evidence for the potential of using grip strength as a measure of one’s physical or mental health. The reason why research is focusing on grip strength is because it is a fast and reliable way to measure muscular strength by using a hand dynamometer. If you’re curious about your grip strength, don’t hesitate to ask your PT for a brief assessment with our hand dynamometer! If wanting to learn more about this topic; feel free to check out one of the articles I am referring to here.

-Brian Becker PT, DPT, SFMA,

Certified Functional Dry Needling L2,

Certified Sportsmetrics, Blood Flow

Restriction Training (BFRT)

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