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Sport Specific


Our KAMS software is highly utilized by athletes and teams. The analysis provides objective numbers and data for 12 movements that can be tested pre/post injury, season, or strengthening program. The physical therapist then uses his/her expertise to further breakdown the results and provide the necessary exercises/treatment to begin improvements. Every movement of the screen as well as the features listed below are video recorded, giving us the options of pause, slow-down and replay at any point.

SL hop:

The single leg hop feature analyzes and compares a sub-maximal single leg hop of the individual. It then provides data such as varus/valgus force and rotation to project the individual's risk of ACL tear. This information is crucial to an athlete, as most sports involve single leg control and stability.

Vertical Jump:

The vertical jump feature provides a three plane breakdown of an individual's vertical jump height. The numbers it provides are comparable to using a manual vertical jump tool with the added benefits of video recording for assessing jump quality.

Athlete VB hit.PNG
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