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Maintenance- [ˈmānt(ə)nənsˈmān(t)nəns]

Updated: Oct 27, 2023



[ˈmānt(ə)nəns, ˈmān(t)nəns]


the process of keeping something in good condition.


A fun word. A word we apply to a lot of things.

Car maintenance? Sure, we definitely need to keep oil and gas in it so we don’t end up on the side of the road.

Teeth maintenance? Otherwise known as brushing and flossing, not trying to have a mouth full of cavities.

Eye doctor appointments, colonoscopies, mammograms, physicals, house inspections, computer updates, even just eating your vegetables and taking vitamins; alllll of these things we do on a regular basis because we want to prevent any future problems, right?

So why on earth wouldn’t we add a regular movement screen to this list? We all want to move well for as long as we’re here, right? We all want to avoid any injuries or unnecessary surgeries, right?

We all have a body and we all move, hopefully, a decent amount every day. Every single person reading this has a musculoskeletal system that can compensate, cheat and change without us even realizing it. It is possible to have a dysfunctional movement pattern and not have pain to alert you about it. Read that again! 😊

The more active you are, the more maintenance your body needs. Whether you grew up playing sports until age 21 or your idea of exercise is walking to the fridge, it’s important to know what exercises your body needs to move the best it can.

Let us help you reach your goals, whether the goal is to run a marathon or if the goal is to just stay at the exact physical place you’re at, we can help!

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