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Health-Conscious Performance Therapy Program

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Commonly Asked Questions:

What is it?


  • Our Health-Conscious Performance Therapy Program is 1-visit per month with your Doctor of Physical Therapy (or 1x a quarter for the Remote Program) to stay on top of any issues that pop up with your body.  You also have access for 15-minute appointments within 24 (business) hours should something pop up that needs to be addressed.  This year we are also granting access to our Remote Training Programs through our TrueCoach app.

Those 4 domains are...

  • Sleep

  • Stress Management

  • Nutrition

  • Movement

What does it include?

  • Each session is an evaluation to see how your body is moving, corrective work for improved movement, and exercises/stretches to keep the body feeling good for that month.  The body changes based on seasons, training regimens, activity level and thus needs a plan on how to handle those changes.  This is your plan on how to feel great while doing the things you love.

  • 12 sessions to be used 1x month:

    • Family members can interchange sessions

  • 12 months of TrueCoach workouts provided:

    • Body Weights

    • Minimal Equipment Fitness

    • Full gym Access Fitness

    • Or, 12 months of Customized visits under the Remote Plan.

  • Nutrition Assessment and Recommendations for specified goals:

    • Add Lean Muscle

    • Lose Weight

  • Accountability to continue using tools. exercises, and staying healthy.

  • HCPT Program welcome gift.

  • Emergency sessions and guarantee to be seen within 24 (business) hours as needed.                           


How much is it?

  • The cost is $1859 for the full year (12 months). HSA and FSA can be used for part of or all of the payment.

  • The cost of these benefits individually totals over $5,400 for the entire year.  That is a savings of more than $3,000. We offer the HCPT Program at this price because we feel so strongly about how much this program can benefit someone and don’t want cost to be the deterrent to investing in your own long-term health.


How can I invest financially in this program?

  • You can sign up for monthly payments of $169/month to be auto-drafted each month with a credit or debit card of your choice.  

  • Invest in the full year up front for $1859, which also includes one free visit! So, you pay for 11 months and the twelfth is on us!

Can I use my insurance?

  • Unfortunately, no.  Insurance is only used in a reactive manner, meaning you cannot use insurance as a preventative measure to stay healthy.

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Additionally, you may call our office (913-912-1096).

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