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Injury Risk Assessment:

Injury Risk Assessment: Immediate injury risk and movement assessment
             This is a 15 minute video analysis designed to highlight advanced functional movements associated with athletics.  Our Injury Risk Assessment analyzes 12 evidence-based movements to provide an objective assessment of an athlete’s three-dimensional movement and flexibility. The software uses this to provide a reliable risk of injury report and immediate feedback on areas the athlete can improve.  Additionally, it may guide our Doctors of Physical Therapy into further assessment and/or determination if return to sport/activity is appropriate.


Our KAMS software is highly utilized by athletes and teams. The analysis provides objective numbers and data for 12 movements that can be tested pre/post injury, season, or strengthening program. The physical therapist then uses his/her expertise to further breakdown the results and provide the necessary exercises/treatment to begin improvements. Every movement of the screen as well as the features listed below are video recorded, giving us the options of pause, slow-down and replay at any point.

SL hop
The single leg hop feature analyzes and compares a sub-maximal single leg hop of the individual. It then provides data such as varus/valgus force and rotation to project the individual's risk of ACL tear. This information is crucial to an athlete, as most sports involve single leg control and stability.

Vertical Jump
The vertical jump feature provides a three plane breakdown of an individual's vertical jump height. The numbers it provides are comparable to using a manual vertical jump tool with the added benefits of video recording for assessing jump quality.

Functional Video Analysis:

             Our movement analysis tracks motion of nearly any movement in 3D.  This allows us to perform a more in-depth analysis of any functional movement.  It provides accurate and immediate data for tracking improvements and changes over time.  The software features a single camera that does not require the client to use special gear or markers. Be it weight lifting, vertical jump, squats or something else; the software precisely tracks your movement. From here, we can slow, replay, and pause any part of the movement and use the information gathered to provide an individualized plan for you to improve.

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Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is a sport that requires a high level of complex movements that are done with speed, force and skill.  The clean and the snatch are extremely fast movements that are technically difficult. As you progress in the sport, it requires a unique blend of power, mobility and technique.  Our functional module of the Kinetisense software allows us to record these movements easily and comfortably—without the need of special markers, clothing or a complex camera set up.  We can slow down, pause and analyze all aspects of the lift to improve technique and identify limitations.  Our education as biomechanics specialists and continuing education on Olympic weightlifting allows us to prescribe supplemental exercises to improve those limitations.  It can also help us to identify areas of injury risk to prevent them and keep you training!

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